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Power has many different definitions, but one for you to consider is a proactive, grounded way of living that allows for the full expression of an individual because they are open, sure of themselves, and able to peacefully interact with how others receive them. Some may confuse power with force, but progress or growth by force is a reactive method and often mingled with anger or frustration and doesn't emit the type of energy that is going to allow for deep, sustainable and serendipitous success. Protecting your power means setting boundaries, which also means you might not be "liked" as much because your happiness is no longer living in the confinement of someone else's desires. Power and perfect don't coexist. Do you want to settle for perfect or reach for your powerful potential?

Coaching services are offered with the intention of partnering with you to more consciously choose how you present yourself to the world and receive it in return, removing inner blocks holding you back, ultimately tapping into your power that has always been available to you. I have a healing vibration that invites trust to step into a safe space where deep emotions, undiscovered triggers and self can be explored. I guide the process of unlocking people so they can feel, figure out what else they need, find who they are, and reclaim their power.

I've had clients say things like, "I want to lead and love in a different way. Not out of force or fear anymore." Or, "I didn't realize how much I rely on external validation and if I don't do that anymore, how do I validate myself? In fact, who am I?" - Their power was granted by permission from someone else.

Recently, in a kinesthetic exercise with a client where we prepared to step over a line to their new reality of being good enough and acknowledging their power, the client stood at the line for a long time and finally said, "I’m not ready." But that powerful exercise gave them the awareness that they had been standing at that line for a long time and this was a catalyst for them to ask themselves what was holding them back.

Through tears, I had another client say, "I’m not valuable unless I’m doing something and producing work. How can I redefine my value?"




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