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I have a healing vibration that invites trust to step into a safe space where deep emotions, undiscovered triggers and self can be explored. I guide the process of unlocking people so they can feel, figure out what else they need, find who they are, and develop a genuine love for that person. The power of coaching lies in the new awareness discovered from empowering questions and a creative process that unfolds as we partner to reach identified outcomes.

I've had clients say things like, "I want to lead and love in a different way. Not out of force or fear anymore." Or, "I didn't realize how much I rely on external validation and if I don't do that anymore, how do I validate myself? In fact, who am I?"

Recently, in a kinesthetic exercise with a client where we prepared to step over a line to their new reality of being good enough and acknowledging that their needs are important, the client stood at the line for a long time and finally said, "I’m not ready." But that powerful exercise gave them the awareness that they had been standing at that line for a long time and this was a catalyst for them to ask themselves what was holding them back.

Through tears, I had another client say, "I’m not valuable unless I’m doing something and producing work. How can I redefine my value?"




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