31 Jul The Creativity Crisis

IQ scores are raising about 10 points with every generation – yet creativity scores are falling.  There is a strong ‘correlation to lifetime creative accomplishment’ that is three times stronger for childhood creativity than childhood IQ.  This does not refer to only those who create award-winning ads and phenomenal music compositions, but also those that find creative solutions to national and international crisis.  Human ingenuity is essential and integral to our future and identified by CEO’s as the #1 ‘leadership competency’ of the future.  Let’s extirpate the ‘drill-and-kill’ style of teaching and nurture the creativity of our future leaders.  Researchers say ‘take creativity out of the art room and put it into the homeroom.’  Many of us have the idea of the left brain vs the right brain that is touted by pop psychology but in reality, soliciting creativity from within requires both hemispheres to activate together.  ‘Blender pulses of both convergent and divergent thinking’ are required for creativity to truly happen.  For the sake of keeping this a blog post and not a book, take the time to read more about this for yourself.