The Trainers Tribe


October 2014

Brand Identity
About This Project
The Trainers Tribe is a paid membership group of personal trainers and fitness instructors that needed a brand identity that symbolized strength, expertise and community. The purpose of this group and the word ‘tribe’ drove me to explore and research tribal and Native American design, color and typography. I wanted to create a visual component to compliment the typography I chose for the logo. The design is a mix of T’s arranged in a circular fashion. The Trainers Tribe is the inner circle of bootcamp so you’ll see two sets of ‘T’ within the circle. The second smaller set of T’s almost serves as arrows pointing inward as well. However, you’ll notice the space between the T’s where the circle is broken to symbolize the exchange of support and ideas that I envision flowing between The Trainers Tribe and bootcamp groups they serve. I chose an earthy color palette that exudes friendliness, a sense of community and being ‘rooted.’