June 2014

User Experience, Web Design & Development
About This Project

JSA Tech specializes in online transactions and account management solutions for colleges and universities. StudentLink, a product of JSA Tech, allows students and administrators to use their campus ID to manage funds from a variety of sources for an array of products and services. The user interface design where users would manage credit/debit transactions, meal plans, echecks, and more needed an overhaul. The interface design was not consistent across schools with poor user experience. Information was buried and even the menu items for both authorized and unauthorized users were visible at all times even if they weren’t available. Being that StudentLink is a modular and scalable component that can react to growing technologies, the design needed to reflect that and be adjustable for large amounts and small amounts of content. I studied the user interface design of several of the participating schools and embarked on restructuring the information architecture and navigation. Then I dug in on designing a template design and framework that could be used across the board but customized to the brand identity of each school. Another piece of this project was to redesign the JSA Support Site dashboard where configuration was done for the front-facing StudentLink interface. User experience and navigation were again a focus of this redesign. My role with this project was the user interface design, information architecture and overall project management from start until we handed over the coded design to JSA Tech.

*Project produced while at Rocket Pop Media