March - December 2015

Brand Strategy, User Experience, Web Design & Development
About This Project

Imagining America, based in Syracuse, NY, is a consortium of artists, humanists, scholars and community activists that boldly pursue the transformation of higher education and civic life. They approached me with the desire to create a reflection of who they are as an organization in a new website. They are a multi-faceted, creative and democratic group that called for a visually arresting website with rich content. My first step was to sit down with them to hear who they thought they were, their dreams for where they are going and what needs weren’t being met with the current website. After secondary research and diving into their analytics I crafted an initial information architecture for the website. This went straight into an open card sort to evaluate how Imagining America constituents would bucket and label their groups of content. Once the organization of information was defined, I set out to create a bold, modern design with a newly defined color palette for the brand. From there, I partnered with a local developer to create the custom theme for the website. What resulted was a dynamic, engaging website that gave a thriving organization the digital reflection they deserved.