headshotwebsiteWhether it was inherent creativity or my curiosity for nearly all things unconventional, it was with intention I chose to make a life out of being creative. Music and dance have always been a core form of expression for me, but I had to answer the question of how to apply my creativity to a career and serve others. I spent my college years studying a little dance, but mostly music. I took my freshly earned Bachelor of Music and headed to Richmond, VA to work in the world of concert production. I knew I didn’t want to play music, certainly didn’t have the patience to teach it, but about three months in the music industry was enough for me to know that heavy metal rock shows and really long hours weren’t for me either.


Consequently, I continued on with my quest of how to combine creativity and a career that was somewhat more substantial than the starving artist role. While sitting at my first desk job right out of college wondering how on earth I was going to sit still for so long everyday, I did notice something very important. I became less interested in how business was conducted and more aware of the tools used and the things that made up this business. The things that people thought about this business. The design of these things that make a business and a brand successful. Things that lay the foundation for what a business is before a business can even do what it does.


So I started watching, listening, experimenting, and designing. Logos, websites, print collateral, campaigns, strategies, and the list goes on. I’m fortunate to have gained experience that runs the gamut when it comes to work environments, allowing me the opportunity to observe a great deal of people, businesses, management and processes. I’ve seen what works, what doesn’t, how to solve problems and what fuels a firestorm, and met a few really great people along the way.


What is most important to me in this whole process is the person or people behind the business, the process behind the work, the reasons behind the decisions. All this culminates to my passion for people and moving businesses forward by building their brands, designing the tools they use to sell their brands, and creating successful experiences for those they are trying to reach.


I love what I do because I searched for it, I know why I do it, and it provides a service to others. Consequently, I do it with passion and consistency, all day, everyday. That is my story.