12 Jun Happily Ever After

There is definitely some value in doing things the old-fashioned, traditional way.  Good marriages come from solid relationships that came from a period of dating that came from spending some serious time getting to know each other first.  The client-designer relationship shouldn’t be any different.  Signed contracts and deposits are worthless if there’s not a relationship.  Contracts aren’t always resilient against stress, deadlines or high demands but relationships can be.  Behind every project, is a person.  In fact, the people behind designs, ideas and dreams should be an integral part of the project foundation.  Generally speaking, it’s just not a good idea to contractually adhere yourself to a stranger – marriage or business (some might consider those one in the same).  Take some time to get to know your client or your designer’s compatibility, passion level, common sense and character.  Have a few chats, drink some coffee and explore their dimension before whipping out your best John Hancock, it will make for a much better marriage hopefully ending in happily ever after.