24 Jun Conjure Up Some Creativity

We naturally think there’s not enough creativity in this world so here are a few ideas to push you to inject it with more!

>Study others – the more your learn about other people, the more you learn about yourself.

>Be mindful of everything.  Our world is so hurried but you can at least look around at the blur while you press ahead.  While you are rushing to work – look at the sky, the trees, a bird passing, examine the poop if some hits your windshield, the texture of the paint on the person’s car next to you…[new_column]

>MOVE!  Raising your endorphins is proven to excrete some creative juices and focus the mind so go for a walk, do some yoga, find a Zumba class or put on a pair of boxing gloves.

>Do a crossword puzzle or brain teaser.

>Nature often inspires us so check it our for yourself.

>Go to a concert.  Dance around and sing along like no one’s watching.

>Don’t let Ms. Critic and Ms. Creative in the room at the same time.

>Don’t get on your computer or smartphone unless you have to.  We see too many people mindlessly scrolling, reading and tapping away at their iPhone because they are waiting in line or just bored with their surroundings.  This is a perfect time to let your mind wander, paint pictures in your head or imagine the inner dialogue of that person across the way making strange faces.

Create away!