Freedom is calling.

You know there's more.

As your life unfolds, you have the opportunity to decide if how you are living is aligned with who you are. Do you feel free and fulfilled? If you're here, you might feel like it's time to make a change. Let's talk.

Meet Loren

A passion for people and commitment to living a life of purpose.

There's nothing greater in this life to me than inspiring others. I live to heal others, guide them to thrive, and hold safe space for new insight and awareness to grow.


How I Serve You

I have a healing vibration that invites trust to step into a safe space where deep emotions, undiscovered triggers and self can be explored. I guide the process of unlocking people so they can feel, figure out what else they need, develop self-worth, and fly to their freedom.


  • Dayanna Valenciano-Luna
    Loren welcomed me to open my heart and fully trust her process. She held a safe space that allowed me to go deeper in my inward journey to create greater awareness, helping me to release generational blocks preventing me from moving forward. Eternally grateful for her loving, gentle and wise guidance.
    Dayanna Valenciano-Luna
    Transformational LifeCoach, Holistic Therapist, and Speaker
  • Virginia Walton
    Loren is an amazing coach with contagious energy. As I met my goals her celebration of the accomplishment was more enthusiastic than my own, which helped me continue to press on especially on those days I struggled. She challenged me when I rationalized poor choices and pushed me to stretch my routines, but when I stated my limit she supported me. The best experience I had with Loren was when we met for my session on what was my last day at my former employer. She knew this was a big step for me and could impact my routines. She joined the video call with party glasses and noise makers. Her joy and support made me stay on course and made me feel like this was a partnership. She was with me for the highs and lows on the journey to my goals.
    Virginia Walton
  • Workshop Participant
    Loren presented a virtual workshop to our small business and was very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic. She had great engagement with the group!
    Workshop Participant
    The Hodges Partnership

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